Welcome to Whittier, Alaska! Whittier is a small community nestled tight in the mountains. While working in Whittier you will have periodic down time, so we encourage you to explore the town as well as take the shuttle to Anchorage, Homer and Seward. There are several hikes available, taking you into the mountains and glaciers.

There is no shortage of things to explore in Whittier.



The Plant

The facility is located approximately 60 miles South East of Anchorage and is in operation from June through the middle of September, employing over 310 people. We process Pink, Chum, Sockeye, Silvers, and King salmon. To maximize freshness, we start processing as soon as the fish are received.

working conditions

Working in the plant is typically cold and damp. During peak production you will be required to work on your feet in a fast-paced environment up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. During slow times you are expected to rest and get ready for the next run of fish as well as exploring the great Alaskan outdoors.



housing & Food

The housing sleeps approximately 2-5 people per room with a shared bathroom. You will be provided three hot meals a day, and a laundry service once a week. These services are available to you for $10 dollars a day.

work gear & Training

Starting a new job can be scary, but will we provide all the necessary equipment and training you will need to be successful at Whittier Seafood. You will be cross-trained and able to do a wide variety of jobs in the plant. You will be issued rain gear for the season, along with gloves, hearing and eye protection daily. This is provided at no cost to you.




Round trip transportation from Seattle, WA to Whittier, AK and back to Seattle, will be provided to you free of charge upon completion of the fishing season around mid-September. The end date will be determined by the Plant Manager. If you are discharged for cause, which may include alcohol consumption or drug abuse, prolonged unexcused absences, or if you don’t tell the truth on your application for work, you will be responsible to pay your own way home.

personal belongings

You will need to have a clean set of clothing to start each work day. It is recommended you bring warm, fleece style clothing. You must bring a comfortable pair of rain boots (Extra Tuffs, Bogs, Muck boots, are some of the more popular brands). If you do not bring rain boots a pair will be issued to you at cost and deducted from your check. You are responsible for bringing any, and all other personal items you might need. 



pay rate

The starting pay is $10.00 an hour for regular time and $15.00 an hour for over time. Higher pay is available based on experience. We offer direct deposit and we are a non-union company.